Red Light

GOP considering fight against new Obama green energy subsidies
Obama greets LG Chem workers / AP

Republicans are considering a new push against what they say are wasteful “green” subsidies in light of news that a recipient of a major stimulus grant for electric vehicle batteries paid workers to watch movies and play games while failing to produce a single battery.

End of Ethanol

Critics take aim at tax breaks for ethanol subsidies
Corn displayed at an ethanol plant before processing / AP

Once heralded as the key to kicking America’s foreign oil addiction by Republicans and Democrats alike, ethanol’s political fortunes have faded and the industry’s future is unclear amid a growing chorus of critics.

Obama Scapegoats Oil Companies

‘That may be sufficient to get us through this election’

Obama urged Congress to end federal subsidies to oil companies as a way to bring down record gas prices, though it is unclear how doing so would achieve that goal.