North Korea Potentially Planning Election Day Missile Launch

North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may fire an intermediate-range ballistic missile on Tuesday to warn President Obama’s successor that Pyongyang will continue its nuclear and missile development programs regardless of international sanctions, South Korean military officials said Monday.

South Korea’s Balancing Act

Xi Jinping,Park Geun-hye

One of the more surreal experiences available to someone living in the year 2016 is to wake up in Seoul—home of K-Pop, Gangnam style, and a growing collection of attractive postmodern skyscrapers built with the accumulated wealth of the last few decades—and then travel up the highway to the North Korean border. This doesn’t take long. If Seoul were Washington, D.C., the ironically named demilitarized zone would be substantially closer than the city of Baltimore, or, to go in the other direction, roughly as far away as Manassas. That’s about 25 miles.