The Best Little Cigar Shop in Virginia

Consummate D.C. insider Terry McAuliffe resides in the governor’s mansion built by tobacco farmer James Monroe, demonstrating that Virginians have always elected those who excel at peddling its staple crop. The farms that blanketed the I-95 corridor between Washington, D.C., and Richmond are mostly gone now, the land purchased by political profiteers. The stalks have been replaced by glass towers housing the media, contracting, and consulting giants that now serve as the backbone of the Virginia economy. Yet there are some members of the transplanted D.C. caste—former Marines, ambassadors, and George W. Bush appointees—who still pay tribute to the much maligned weed; they can be found at the Embassy Cigar Lounge in Stafford, Va., which celebrated its first anniversary on May 1.

Where in the World is Samantha Hoopes?

Samantha Hoopes has come a long way from her humble beginnings in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania (We Are). Ever since she landed a coveted spot on this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue rookie roster, she’s been on the 365-day grind of jetting across the globe to wear microscopic bikinis. She’s a hard worker.

The Genevieve Morton Diet

In all of my staring at photos of beautiful women, I have seen both post-workout selfies and swimsuit selfies. When do these gals ever eat? I know you need a hand to hold the camera, but can’t you use the other to hold a sandwich?

That’s why Genevieve Morton should be lauded for her unabashed enthusiasm for proper nutrition.