Riding the Motor City Struggle Bus

From the Archives: Bankruptcy? Don't tell that to the people of Detroit
Detroit, Mich. / AP

DETROIT — I came to Detroit expecting a wasteland. Instead, I met a bunch of nice people and ate hot dogs.

Unions Target Michigan
Right to Work

Battle lines being drawn in Michigan over right-to-work

Supporters of Michigan’s right-to-work measure, which has been in effect for one week, are busy preparing to defend the law from powerful labor unions.

Fight for Your Right to Work

Right to work comes to Michigan
Lansing, Mich. State House / AP

Michigan will become the nation’s 24th right-to-work state Thursday, giving workers the ability to opt out of forced unionism for the first time.

Union Busted for Unfair Labor Practice

SEIU local reprimanded by the NLRB for failing to turn over requested files
Labor Day Parade in Detroit / AP

The NLRB’s three-Democrat panel of board members declared SEIU Healthcare Michigan violated the labor rights of a member of its union staff on Friday.