Fox News Shows Why It’s the Number One Name in News


Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina shined in Thursday’s Republican debate. Jeb Bush also participated. But the real winner was host network Fox News, and not only because 16 percent of televisions in the country were tuned in. On the night that its most influential critic, Jon Stewart, was hanging up his wacky reaction face on the Daily Show, Fox News’ debate moderators peppered the GOP candidates with tougher questions than Stewart, or the recently purged “talent” at MSNBC, would ever pose to Democrats.

Report: North Korean Government Dictates Operations of AP’s Pyongyang Bureau

2005 North Korean Parade / AP

The Communist government of North Korea has at least partial control over hiring, news collection, and story selection for the Associated Press’ Pyongyang Bureau, according to a report from NK News. The report hinges on a 2011 draft of an agreement between the AP and the state-run Korean News Agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (KCNA) obtained from sources within the AP, and on interviews with 14 current and former AP staffers.

Nerdy Dragon RPG Neither Proves Nor Disproves Gamergate Gripes

Dragon Age

I just read two competing reviews of a dragon-based role playing game. And, what’s worse, the main focus of both reviews is the political implications of the dungeons and dragons rip off. So, dear reader, after the kind of torture I just went through you’d better read this entire piece.

I mean, this is an actual line in one of the reviews: “healing magic, for example, has been entirely removed from the game.”