Ellison’s Election Tip Sheet

Ellison Barber election tip sheet


Sen. Mary Landrieu (D.) stirred up a lot of controversy for re-enacting a congressional hearing in her latest campaign ad.

It’s not the worst thing we’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

If Landrieu wanted to recreate the hearing, and couldn’t use the real footage, as her campaign argues, she could simply place a small disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that says: “this is a reenactment of events that occurred on X date.” It’s really an easy thing to do, and not doing it is dishonest.

Locked Up Abroad does it in every single episode—if National Geographic does it, Landrieu should be doing it too.

Without it, this is a spurious ad that consequently makes Landrieu seem inauthentic.

Mary Landrieu’s Koch Problem

Super PAC hits Republican for Koch ties, despite company’s donations to Dem incumbent
Sen. Mary Landrieu

A Democratic Super PAC is attacking a Republican Senate candidate for his supposed ties to libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch even though their company’s political arm has donated tens of thousands to the Democrat in the race.