Radio Hosts Mock Landrieu After Interview

Mocked Landrieu for not letting them get a word in

Mary Landrieu
Mary Landrieu / AP
December 3, 2014

Local radio hosts in Louisiana mocked Sen. Mary Landrieu for giving a poor interview immediately after having the embattled Democrat on the air on Wednesday.

During an interview on 710 KEEL News Radio in Shreveport, La., conducted by Robert Wright and Erin McCarty, Landrieu continued her drum beat for the last week of the runoff election by answering every question with accusations against her opponent Rep. Bill Cassidy and his medical work at LSU.

Landrieu suggested Cassidy should go to jail for "payroll fraud," and turned a question regarding longtime Democratic aide Bob Mann’s remarks that there is no way Landrieu can win into comments about how Cassidy is unfit for office.

After returning from commercial break the hosts mocked Landrieu for not letting them get a word in.

"I got [a text] from somebody who didn’t listen, ‘How did it go?’" Wright said. "I said, ‘About how we anticipated.’"

"You could say, ‘What’s the last pair of shoes you bought?’ And she said, ‘Louisianans could buy more shoes for themselves if Bill Cassidy weren’t a crook,’" he said, as the other hosts burst into laughter. "I’m being totally serious."

"What’s your Christmas going to be like, Mrs. Landrieu? ‘Well, my Christmas will be ruined if Bill Cassidy [wins],’" said another.

"We had her on because we asked her many times," Wright said. "But, we knew what she was going to talk about. We knew that no matter what we asked she was going to come back to Cassidy and the LSU thing."

"It was going to be one track and we knew because she’s Mary Landrieu and she knows what the hell she’s doing," he said. "She’s going to control the conversation."

"We got some good sound bites, be sure to cut us out, not that we were in it," Wright joked.

McCarty added that Landrieu’s staff "sucks."

"Let me tell you why her staff sucks," she said. "I sent an email to her staff yesterday saying that I was the mother of two Marines, and that my mother was a big fan of hers, having been a retired state worker when she was state treasurer. And they were like, ‘Oh, great. She’ll love that.’ They never told her."

"Because she would have said, ‘Thank your sons for their service, tell your mom hi,’" McCarty said. "She’s good. She would’ve said that had she known it. They didn’t tell her."

During the interview Landrieu apologized for not coming on the show before, saying, "My staff literally didn’t even let me know you were asking me to come on."

Landrieu, who is down double-digits ahead of Saturday’s runoff election, is widely considered a long shot to maintain the Senate seat she has held for 18 years.

"There is no quit in me," she told KEEL, before quickly returning to the issue of Cassidy’s time sheets.