The Populist Earthquake

Donald Trump (AP)

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders overturned American politics with their stunning wins in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday. As I write, with two-thirds of the vote in, Trump leads John Kasich by almost 20 points on the Republican side and Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 21 points on the Democratic side. Those numbers are incredible. Trump outperformed his ideological precursor Pat Buchanan, who won the New Hampshire primary in 1996. And Sanders—well, what can one say about Sanders?

How Obama Handled the Readiness Question

Rubio Obama

Chris Christie dealt Marco Rubio a blow on Saturday. When Christie said Rubio isn’t ready to be president because he relies too heavily on memorized stump speeches, Rubio responded by delivering a stump speech, verbatim, several times. The exchange went viral. Rubio’s enemies in the GOP, among the Democrats, and in the media piled on. His future is uncertain.

I went back and looked at President Obama’s answer to the readiness question. Hillary Clinton attacked Obama’s youth and thin résumé throughout their primary fight, mostly famously in the “3 a.m. phone call” ad. But Obama not only defeated Clinton, he also beat John McCain, who made similar arguments against him. How?

A Rattled Rubio Survives New Hampshire Debate

Marco Rubio (AP)

Marco Rubio entered the ABC New Hampshire debate on the upswing, only to have Chris Christie bat him down. Rubio effectively turned a third-place finish in Iowa into a springboard for a top-two finish in New Hampshire. But Christie wasn’t about to let him sail to victory without a fight. Christie launched into a brutal and bruising attack on Rubio’s inexperience, belittling his record in the Senate, calling him over-scripted and underprepared, contrasting senatorial debate with executive action.