Rocket Ignites Blaze Near Tripoli Airport, Libya in Chaos

Smoke rises over the Airport Road area after heavy fighting between rival militias broke out near the airport in Tripoli

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – A rocket hit a fuel storage tank in a chaotic battle for Tripoli airport that has all but closed off international flights to Libya, leaving fire-fighters struggling to extinguish a giant conflagration.

Report: U.S. Diplomatic Compounds Still at Risk After Benghazi

Warns of ‘tragic consequences’ for those on the ground
Charred vehicle at the entrance of the U.S. Conulate, in Benghazi, Libya / AP

U.S. diplomatic compounds overseas continue to be endangered by lax security measures and, in many cases, are highly vulnerable to potential attack, a fact that the State Department has failed to address for nearly 10 years, according to a newly released government oversight report.

Points of Departure

Column: Obama’s ‘offshore balancing’ is a recipe for conflict
A nearly deserted base in Iraq in December 2011 / Getty Images

The phrase “offshore balancing” did not appear in President Obama’s commencement address at West Point. It did not have to. Obama’s every word was informed by the idea that America should renounce nation-building, extended deployments, base construction, and other elements of hard power in favor of diplomacy, military-to-military partnerships, multilateral institution-building, and soft-power in general. “Just because we have the best hammer,” the president said in a particularly insipid use of cliché, “does not mean that every problem is a nail.”

Tanker Raid

U.S. forces seize tanker carrying oil from Libya rebel port
The U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Roosevelt transits the Strait of Gibraltar February 27, 2014

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – U.S. special forces have seized a tanker that fled with a cargo of oil from a Libyan port, the U.S. Department of Defense said on Monday, halting an attempt by rebels to sell petroleum on the global market.