Anti-Koch FEC Official to Testify Before Congress

Ann Ravel falsely accused Kochs of campaign finance violations
Federal Election Commission logo

The vice chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission (FEC), who once falsely accused the Koch brothers of campaign finance disclosure violations, will testify on Wednesday before a congressional hearing about anonymous campaign donations.

Reid Attacks Koch for Offenses Committed by Reid Donors

Senate Dem leader received tens of thousands of dollars from companies that did business in Iran

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) on Wednesday criticized a Koch Industries subsidiary for allegedly circumventing sanctions on Iran even though Reid has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from companies that have done exactly that.

Kochs Accuse Maddow of Lying

MSNBC host stands by report tying Koch to controversial Florida law
Koch brothers say Rachel Maddow lied about its alleged support of a Florida welfare law requiring drug tests

Representatives of Koch Industries, the company run by libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch, on Monday accused MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow of lying about the company and its owners in a segment last week.

Koch Industries Rebukes Democrats Over Shutdown

Reid, Sanders spreading misinformation, company says

Koch Industries on Wednesday publicly rebuked allegations by Senate Democrats that the company and its libertarian founders, Charles and David Koch, are responsible for the partial government shutdown.

Fmr. FCC Chairman Reverses Self

Reed Hundt now opposes rule that could keep Koch Bros. from buying L.A. Times
Reed Hundt /

A former Federal Communications Commission chairman last week reversed his position on controversial media ownership rules, noting his new position could impede efforts by public figures with whom he disagrees politically to purchase media properties.

Here Comes the Kochtopress

LAT, Chicago Tribune may soon print on Georgia Pacific 2-ply

A spokesman for Koch Industries declined to knock down rumors that the privately held petrochemical conglomerate is considering a play for the troubled Tribune Company, which owns 18 newspapers across the country including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.