EXCLUSIVE: How to Back Hillary Clinton into a Corner

Hillary in a corner (artist's rendering)

THE POLITICO MAGAZINE has published an extensive report on the efforts of GOP operatives and “scoop factories” like the Washington Free Beacon to answer the “most pressing question” leading up to 2016 presidential race: How to back Hillary Clinton into a corner.

The Free Beacon’s team on analysts have been working on this project for while, and in light of the THE POLITICO story, we are finally ready to publish our preliminary findings. To back Hillary Clinton into a corner, simply consult the following charts.

Iowa GOP: Bruce Braley and Hillary Clinton are Anti-Entrepreneur

Bruce Braley

Iowa Republicans say presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s recent rhetoric about businesses dovetails with recent comments by Rep. Bruce Braley (D., Iowa), who accused Iowans at start-up companies of drinking beer in the afternoon and not coming up with any ideas.