Recordings Reveal Former Labor Secretary Violated Hatch Act

Solicited donations for President Obama’s reelection campaign
Hilda Solis

A former top Obama appointee solicited donations for the president’s reelection campaign on the job, according to audio recordings released by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

An Unethical Solicitation

Sebelius under fire for asking health care execs for Obamacare advertising money
HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius / AP

The former chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush said that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appears to have violated federal ethics rules when she asked health care executives to contribute to the campaign to implement Obamacare.

Acting with Impunity

Watchdog group seeks answers to questions around Secretary Sebelius’s campaign activities in 2012
President Obama, Kathleen Sebelius /AP

A government watchdog group is seeking clarity into how an election regulation is enforced on government employees.

Hatch Act Follies

FEC complaint filed regarding DNC reimbursement to HHS
Kathleen Sebelius / AP

A legal complaint filed on Tuesday alleges the Democratic National Committee violated federal election law by failing to report independent expenditures that directly supported President Barack Obama’s reelection effort.

EPA Employee Demoted for Prison Telephone Scheme

Another retires in Hatch Act investigation
EPA logo

One Environmental Protection Agency employee had his salary decreased and was reassigned “due to involvement in a telephone calling scheme” involving prison inmates, another was fired but is likely receiving a federal pension.

More Accusations in Hatch Act Case

FAA logo

The government watchdog group that last week requested an investigation into two FAA employees for potential Hatch Act violations has discovered more potential violations of election laws by one of the individuals, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Distinction with no Difference

Fine line separates Obama White House, campaign, outside Super PACs

During a fundraiser for the pro-Obama Priorities USA Super PAC in March, senior White House adviser David Plouffe gave a speech to two-dozen major Democratic donors. When it came time to ask donors to open up their wallets, however, Plouffe left the room. The abrupt exit illustrates how the Obama campaign and the White House divide activities in the new world of Super PAC politics.

Hatch Actin’ Out

Cabinet members hit the road for Obama

President Obama’s top cabinet members have travelled extensively to key battleground states this year on official business trips, which, if politically motivated, would be in violation of the Hatch Act.