Hotel, Cars for Biden’s Thanksgiving Trip to Italy and Croatia Cost $307,118


Hotel rooms and car service for Vice President Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving trip to Rome and Croatia cost over $300,000, according to recently released government contracts.

The vice president, his wife Jill Biden, and other relatives are spending the holiday abroad. Biden is first making a stop in Zagreb, Croatia for meetings, before heading to Italy on Wednesday.

EPA Gives $30,000 to Unitarian Church That Preaches Against ‘White Privilege’


The Environmental Protection Agency has given $30,000 to a Unitarian church that preaches about “white privilege” and that America is “structurally racist.”

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton, Florida, received an “environmental justice grant” for education and training about sea level rise and climate change, the agency announced Wednesday.

Feds Spend $649,682 on Computer Game Starring a ‘Novice World Leader’


The National Science Foundation is spending nearly $650,000 on a computer game for adults where they can pretend to be a “novice world leader.”

The company that received taxpayer funding to build a zombie math game for kids is now creating a game similar to an online version of Risk that teaches users leadership skills.

EPA Gave Paid Leave
to Drug and Child Sex Offenders

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Drug and child sex offenders received paid administrative leave from the Environmental Protection Agency, according to a new audit.

The agency’s inspector general found the EPA rehired a child sex offender after they were put on leave for violating probation, in one example of misuse of administrative leave that cost taxpayers over $1 million.