Harvard Elites ‘Explore’ Havana

Che Harvard

Are you a Harvard alumni? Are you eager to visit a communist nation, but don’t want to travel to China or Vietnam? Great! You can sign up for an “Exploring Havana, Cuba” excursion. (Well, technically it’s too late, but there’s always next year.)

The trip, which was made possible by a “people-to-people” exchange license granted by the United States Treasury, promises to provide “meaningful interactions with Cuban people.”

From the official program:

Beijing Floods the Zone

The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda machine is ramping up across Washington, D.C., in ways large and small. The principal cog in China’s effort to influence U.S. thought leaders is China Daily, an English-language newspaper that takes an uncritical look at the People’s Republic of China and toes the Communist party line on a range of issues, including the economy and politics.

Bye Bye Bo

China’s powerful regional Communist Party chief in southern Chongqing, who was angling for a seat on the collective dictatorship that rules China, was ousted on Thursday, state-run media reported. U.S. officials and outside China watchers said the ouster of Bo Xilai, who was behind a Cultural Revolution-style revival of Maoism, signals high-level divisions within the Party hierarchy months before a major leadership change.