Dish Network to FCC: Block Comcast, Time Warner Cable Merger


Satellite broadcaster Dish Network told top officials at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week to block the proposed $45 billion merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable because it would create serious anticompetitive pressures in the broadband and video markets, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Protestors: Comcast Not Paying Its ‘Fair Share’

Democrat-linked company hit with protests for its low tax payments

Pennsylvania protestors are taking aim at one of President Barack Obama’s largest corporate supporters for not paying a “fair share” of taxes.

On Sunday, a dozen protestors showed up outside the state capital building in Harrisburg, accusing Comcast and a slew of other major companies of failing to pay enough taxes. The demonstrators chanted “pay your fair share,” in reference to the multi-billion dollar companies tax rate in the state.

Comcast an Active Participant in Washington’s Revolving Door

18 people have both lobbied for Comcast and spent time in public sector

Comcast has become one of the most active participants in Washington’s infamous revolving door as it lobbies for a proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable (TWC), according to the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP).

Comcast Dropped Popular Rural TV Network for Al Jazeera America

Hearing covers concerns about Comcast, TWC merger
Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen and Time Warner Cable Inc., Executive Vice President and CFO Arthur T. Minson Jr. / AP

Comcast dropped a popular rural television network last year right before launching the unproven Al Jazeera America network, one of several concerns raised by witnesses on Thursday about the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable (TWC) and its potential market power.

The Obama Business Empire Keeps Expanding


The Obama business empire continues to expand. Earlier this week, Chicago-based utility giant Exelon announced that it was buying the Washington, D.C.-based utility giant Pepco Holding for $6.83 billion.

The decision comes at a time when Exelon finds it necessary to dispel rumors that it is seeking a bailout from the Illinois state government to prop up its struggling nuclear power plants.

The deal would create a corporate behemoth serving some 10 million customers worth about $26 billion. Exelon has dedicated $100 million for a investment fund for Pepco customers that will provide assistance for low income customers, and fund a variety of “energy efficiency measures.”

Both companies have long histories of giving money to Democrats. Since 2008, Pepco (and its political action committee) has given at least $688,338 to political candidates and committees, almost all of which ($617,813) has gone to Democrats. Exelon (and its political action committee) has given more than $2.8 million to Democrats during that same period.

First Lady to Appear on Network Owned by Comcast

Comcast-Time Warner merger currently being considered by her husband’s administration
First lady Michelle Obama  / AP

Michelle Obama will appear on the season finale of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” on Thursday evening as her husband’s administration reviews the merger that will make the network’s parent company the largest cable provider in history.