Obama Allies Court Corporate Support for Climate Regulations

Groups hold meetings with admin officials, train executives to talk to media
John Podesta, Tom Steyer / AP

Getting the business community on board with environmental regulations that are expected to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs is a difficult task, but Democratic operatives are working publicly and behind the scenes to build private sector support.

Taxpayers Pay for Poets to Travel to Antarctica

National Science Foundation Spends $31.5 Million for Antarctic ‘Artists and Writers’ Program
Horacio Lyon Flickr

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is spending tens of millions on its Antarctic “Artists and Writers” program, which includes taxpayer-funded trips for poets to visit the Southern Hemisphere.

Steyer Adviser Loves Butterflies and Polar Bears

Hates bald eagles
Steyer adviser/selective animal lover Chris Lehane (AP)

The Washington Post reports that some Democrats aren’t too thrilled about the Obama administration’s announcement of new regulations on carbon emissions—namely, the ones facing reelection this year.

Democratic strategists understand the political implications for their clients:

“If I were running, I would get the governor to sue and try to tie it up in the courts,” said Jim Cauley, a Kentucky-based Democratic strategist who managed Obama’s first Senate campaign. “Coal has just become the cultural litmus test as to whose side you are on.”

Chris Lehane, a liberal political strategist/crisis management expert who advises eco-billionaire Tom Steyer, agrees that Democrats shouldn’t dwell on the climate change issue, but should totally try to scare people into voting for Democrats:

Federal Dietary Guidelines Committee Criticized as Politically Motivated

Experts concerned environmentalism creeping into food policy

Experts criticized the federal government committee currently crafting the nation’s dietary guidelines as politically motivated and said it was putting environmentalism over food science.

The Hudson Institute hosted a panel discussion on the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) on Capitol Hill Thursday, analyzing the incorporation of climate change and “sustainability” into the recommendations that are used to set standards for government food programs.