Opening Night on the Taxpayer’s Dime

Review: The Traveling Government Global Warming Play
Polar bear

The play has a fitting name, in a sense: The Great Immensity. The great, extremely large waste of taxpayer money to bring “Global Warming: the musical” to the stage.

Getting Greens Wrong

Review: “A Climate of Crisis: America in the Age of Environmentalism” by Patrick Allitt
Environmentalists protesting / AP

Patrick Allitt has written a book no one will like. Neither environmentalists nor those he calls counterenvironmentalists. He’ll be tempted to flatter himself with the tattered response of those criticized from both sides: “I must be doing something right.” He’ll be wrong.

The purpose of the book, in Allitt’s words, is “to explain the history of American environmental controversies since World War II and to encourage an optimistic attitude toward the environmental future.” But it reads more like an environmental “he said, she said.” On issue after issue, Allitt presents one side, then the other, making for a seesaw of a read.