Boston Marks Anniversary of Bombing with Song, Prayer


BOSTON (Reuters) – Boston marked the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and injured 264, on Tuesday with a memorial service to feature remarks by survivors of the attack and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

Rudy Giuliani: Politically Correct Thinking Hurts Ability to Stop Terror

Experts at hearing blast refusal to use terms such as ‘Islamic extremist’
Rudy Giuliani / AP

The Obama administration’s ongoing failure to identify Islamic terrorists as such due to a prevailing policy of “political correctness” has left the country vulnerable to terror attacks, experts testified on Wednesday before Congress.

From Benghazi to Boston

Column: The government evades the truth about terror
Source: Flickr user william couch

Fitting that the House held hearings within 24 hours on both the Benghazi attack and the Boston marathon bombing. The two seemingly disparate events, separated by time and distance and sophistication, share much in common. By the close of each sorry episode, four people had died. The villains in each case considered themselves soldiers of Allah fighting a holy war against America. In both instances the political correctness of government officials prevented discovery of the truth. Benghazi and Boston are symptoms of the same disorder. They are twin studies in evasion.

Failure to Communicate

Intelligence sharing could have helped prevent Boston Marathon bombing
Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis and former Sen. Lieberman / AP

Boston law enforcement and counterterrorism officials testified Thursday that the FBI and federal authorities failed to share critical intelligence information about the Boston marathon bombers that could helped prevent last month’s deadly terror attack.