The Conventional Wisdom on Putin is Dangerously Wrong

The official Washington line on Vladimir Putin’s military action is as follows: It is a mistake, demonstrating Russian weakness, sure to get the Russian military stuck in a “quagmire,” according to President Obama. Josh Earnest, the president’s press secretary, took that observation one further, comparing Putin’s policies to those of the Bush administration (the sickest of White House …

Hillary Clinton Is Already Running Against Obama on Some Major Issues


Hillary Clinton has experience running for president against Barack Obama. She did it in 2008, and failed. Eight years later, Hillary still really wants to be president, so in an effort to win over Democratic voters in the primary, she’s running against Obama again, on a host of major issues, such as:

ABANDON SHIP: Obama’s Top Advisers on ISIS, Russia, and Cyber-Security Have All Resigned Over the Past Two Weeks

President Obama

Last week, President Obama’s education secretary Arne Duncan announced that he was leaving at the end of the year. Far less attention has been paid to the string of other high-profile resignations that have rocked the administration since September 22, when Bloomberg reported that John Allen, the retired general Obama hand-picked to lead the U.S. war effort against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was stepping down.