Time Reporter: Young Women ‘Feel Differently’ About Bill Clinton’s Past Today


Young women today have a different view of Bill Clinton’s philandering past than they did 20 years ago, Time reporter Sam Frizell said Thursday.

Frizell said that events like the Cosby scandal, in which more than 50 women accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault and rape, have changed the attitude of young women towards philandering, a notable aspect of Bill Clinton's past.

"We're looking at a different kind of scene when it comes to talking about affairs with women than we were in the 1990's. In the light of the … recent Cosby issues, I think that a lot of young women feel differently about philandering than they did maybe 20 years ago," Frizell said.

Frizell said that he was not sure whether this shift in attitude would turn women off from voting for Clinton, but noted that Bill Clinton is seeing far less enthusiasm from voters on the campaign trail than Bernie Sanders.

"It's unclear whether this will turn off younger women from voting for Hillary Clinton. Of course, this is the group that Hillary Clinton must want to attract support from, millennial women, and it's unclear what kind of effect Bill Clinton’s campaigning will have on it," Frizell said. "I will say that last night he had a crowd of about 300 people out in eastern Iowa. Bernie Sanders in the same town had 1,100. So that tells you a little bit about the enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders versus the former president."

Frizell said that voters in Iowa are dissatisfied with Clinton because it seems like she and Republicans are "feeding from the same corporate trough." Comparatively, Frizell said that voters who "think that they have been betrayed by the political class," are enthusiastic about Sanders.

"There's a sense of dissatisfaction," Frizell said. "If those people are motivated enough to come out and vote, I think we're going to see surprising results out of Iowa."

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