Survey: More Americans Angry at Government in Light of Shutdown

Healthcare law protests at the Supreme Court / AP


About a quarter of Americans are angry at the federal government because of the impending shutdown, a Pew Research survey reported Monday.

Twenty-six percent of those polled said they were "angry" at the government, while 51 percent said they were "frustrated" by the possible shutdown. Only 17 percent were "basically content." The percentage of those angry at the government rose seven points since January.

The last time Pew found this many respondents upset with the government was during the debt ceiling crisis in August 2011.

According to Pew:

Substantial majorities across the political spectrum are either angry or frustrated with the federal government, but anger is far more widespread among conservative Republicans. This marks a change from 2011, when political independents (30% angry) were about as likely as conservative Republicans (32%) to express anger at the federal government. In the new survey, 41% of conservative Republicans say they feel angry at the government, compared with 27% of independents. Conservative Republicans are roughly twice as likely as liberal Democrats to say they are angry with government (41% vs. 18%).