Kristol: Postpone Obamacare


Bill Kristol, Editor of The Weekly Standard and Center for American Freedom board member, said the GOP should attempt to postpone Obamacare on FNC Wednesday evening:

BRET BAIER: So Republicans seem ready for the fight, or at least some of them do. This is Moody's Investor Service, the top ratings agency, saying that they will keep government on negative outlook because they don't see a forecast for deficit debt reduction in the short-term.

BILL KRISTOL: Look, Republicans should be ready to fight on debt ceiling. I don't think they should kid themselves as long as President Obama is president, especially as well as while the democrats control the senate, there is not appreciable reduction in deficit. The only way they would be is if there is faster economic growth, which is devoutly to be wished. But at the end of the day President Obama has been perfectly happy running $1 trillion deficits for four years, he seems happy to run a $1 trillion deficit next year. Republicans might make a difference on the margin, but they need to think ahead of time. What are they going to ask for at the end of February when the debt ceiling and the sequester run out and the continuing resolution runs out in March as well? I think they can ask for the spending cuts. They should look at regulatory situation. We want economic growth. At the end of the day, this president is not going to solve the debt and deficit problem. We can ameliorate the problem and the next president can get serious about entitlements. Economic growth and regulatory relief, postponing Obamacare for a year or two – there are proposals to suggest that would be hard for president to say "why isn't that a good idea in slowing economy"?

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