Crocodile Nelson

Florida Democratic senator to participate in state's first python hunt

Sen. Nelson, Albino Burmese Python / AP, WC


This weekend Florida will hold its first python hunt for cash prizes, and the contest will have a celebrity participant: newly reelected Senator Bill Nelson.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that the 70-year old Democrat and former astronaut is one of nearly 700 Floridians who will venture into the Everglades armed only with a machete and a pistol—ironic tools considering Nelson has backed an array of anti-gun legislation during his career.

According to a Nelson spokesman:

"He’s had a hand in drawing attention to the problem and it has, in fact, proven to be a very serious problem," spokesman Dan McLaughlin said. "Bill doesn’t mind the heat, the mosquitoes, the alligators and the poisonous snakes. It puts him in touch with natural Florida."

It is unknown if the former Al-Assad sympathizer will be eligible to win the grand prize of $1,500 if Nelson is able to wrangle the most Burmese pythons.