Congressman Calls on Obama to Address ‘Horrific’ Work Environment at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

CFPB Director Richard Cordray / AP


Following a hearing last week, Rep. Sean Duffy (R., Wis.) wrote a letter to President Barack Obama asking him to address the horrific working environment at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has been accused of racism in its performance reviews and its treatment of minority employees.

Duffy asked the president in the letter to either address issues at CFPB or ask CFPB Director Richard Cordray to resign.

CFPB was accused of racism after a report revealed striking racial disparities. Managers at CFPB frequently ranked its white employees better than minorities in performance reviews that were used to decide grant raises and bonuses.

Morale was also found to be poor and management was accused of creating a hostile work environment. One-hundred-fifteen official grievances were filed with the National Treasury Employees Union since August 2013.

CFPB Director Cordray told a whistleblower to have her attorneys "back down" after she filed a complaint alleging a culture of intimidation and hostility at the bureau.

Misty Raucci, a workplace private investigator hired by the CFPB to investigate the case, supported witness testimony alleging maltreatment at the bureau.

Both Democrats and Republicans are urging a hearing with senior management at CFPB to address "serious concerns" over revelations at last week’s hearings.

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