CNN: Clinton’s Victory Party Over Before Michigan Race Is Called


With the Democratic Michigan primary too close to call Tuesday night at 11 p.m on the east coast, CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny noted he was doing his report outside of Hillary Clinton's headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio because the victory party inside was already over.

Though Clinton won Mississippi over rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), the Michigan race was surprisingly tight, and Wolf Blitzer called it a "disappointing night for them in Michigan."

The RealClearPolitics summary of polls heading into Tuesday showed Clinton up an average of 21.4 points in Michigan, making the possibility she could lose to Sanders the night's biggest stunner.

"It is a disappointing night, Wolf, no question," Zeleny said. "We've moved outside because what was to be a victory party is now over."

A little after 11:30 ET, NBC News projected Sanders to win Michigan, a huge upset.