Arnold vs. Blueberries

Arnold Schwarzenegger / AP


In a new interview with Esquire, former California governor and international superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on fruit lovers and silliness in California government.

I remember when I went into politics, the legislature wanted to create a blueberry commission. Who's gonna say no to a blueberry commission? Well, I said no. I thought they should fix the budget before they do the fucking blueberry commission.

Schwarzenegger, whose Academy Award-winning movies are often packed with violence, famously promised to "blow up the boxes" when he arrived in Sacramento.

He talks about the importance of political courage during the interview.

We must teach the future leaders that political courage is not political suicide.

Schwarzenegger demonstrated political courage during his 2004 speech to the Republican National Convention by challenging pessimists not to be "economic girlie men."

Schwarzenegger ended the interview with some sage advice.

Peace would solve a lot of problems.