Israeli Ambassador Smacks Down French Ambassador on Twitter

Keeping up foreign relations

Keeping up foreign relations (Top Gun)


Bon vivant and French ambassador to the United States Gérard Araud tweeted a statement yesterday weighing in on the diplomatic talks that seek an end to the war in Syria:

Yet France has inserted itself into the Israeli-Palestinian dispute by taking the side of the Palestinians, who have been waging a terror campaign against Israelis for the past six months. France has issued an ultimatum to Israel that it will recognize a Palestinian state if a new round of talks do not succeed.

The Palestinian terror wave which has left scores of Israelis dead is being promoted and celebrated by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to whom France demands Israel make concessions in the talks.

The Israeli ambassador highlighted France’s hypocrisy:

At press time, Araud has not responded to Dermer, but he has tweeted comments that appear to be intended as a response. Free Beacon editors are still trying to determine what these tweets are supposed to mean.