Gore: Current TV Sale to Al Jazeera Not Hypocritical

'[Qatar] is one of our strongest allies in the Arab world'


Former Vice President and climate change advocate Al Gore answered questions concerning the sale of Current TV to Qatar backed Al Jazeera in an interview with Andrea Mitchell that aired Thursday on MSNBC. Gore attempted to deflect allegations of hypocrisy by praising Qatar as a strong ally of the United States:

ANDREA MITCHELL: But regardless of Al Jazeera's virtues or any other other aspects of what Al Jazeera does, isn't there something inherently hypocritical about taking money, and a lot of money, from an oil producer because that's basically what Qatar is and Qatar owns Al Jazeera?

AL GORE: Well, more gas than oil, but the point you are making is one that I understand very clearly. I do disagree with it. We can talk about Qatar. It's one of our strongest allies in the Arab world. We have a military base there. We very robust intelligence cooperation. It has been described by Secretary Clinton as part of the solution. Not part of the problem.

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