Biden Booed at St. Patrick’s Day Parade


BRANDON HUDSON: Pittsburghers first gave Vice President Joe Biden a warm welcome during the first leg of the St. Patrick’s Day parade; lots of handshakes and smiles as Biden walked through Grant St.—cheers, too.

HUDSON: The vice president’s trip was part business, part fun—all about the reelection campaign. But as we followed him onto Stanwick St., that warm welcome turned cold. A chorus of boos rained down on Biden and his supporters on the last stretch. Still, Biden kept smiling; his supporters did too.

LOUCHER SLEPSKI: Oh, greatest day ever to have Biden here, man. That was the best experience ever of my life to see him in person like that.

HUDSON: While walking down and greeting these people, they’re also passing out these signs. It’s one of the best ways to campaign and reach hundreds of thousands of people in one place.

SLEPSKI: I love Obama, and I love Biden too, because Biden’s all business. He’s all business, and he’ll tell you how it is.

HUDSON: Vice President Biden didn’t speak to the media, but we learned he met with Sen. Bob Casey to discuss options on saving the 9-11 base. Casey’s camp says the meeting went well.

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