Obama Super PAC supports Dem misogyny

Won’t return needed Maher money


Bill Burton said Friday that Republican calls for Priorities USA to return Bill Maher's $1 million donation are an attempt to distract from the Rush Limbaugh controversy, in an interview on "NOW with Alex Wagner."

RUSSERT: And Bill Maher has had a lot of choice words to say about the Republicans; he specifically went after Sarah Palin with some very crude language that's in the same sort of stratosphere of how Rush Limbaugh went after Sandra Fluke. Do you have any reservations about accepting that $1 million from Bill Maher and will you give it back? A lot of conservatives are calling that.

BURTON: I know that Republicans have tried to use this to distract from what Rush Limbaugh said to sexually degrade a woman.

Limbaugh's comments have dominated the news cycle in March.

Meanwhile, according to figures released by the Congressional Budget Office Friday, the president's budget would double the federal deficit over the next decade to $6.4 trillion; unemployment is 8.3 percent and labor force participation is at a historically low 63.9 percent; and gas prices have risen $0.30 in the past month and will likely average $4.00 per gallon soon.

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