Bart the Blasphemer

Turkey fines TV station for broadcasting The Simpsons


Turkey’s authoritarian government has fined a television station nearly $30,000 for broadcasting an episode of The Simpsons that it deemed blasphemous, according to Turkey’s Hürriyet Daily News.

Turkey’s Supreme Board of Radio (RTUK) fined a station owned by CNBC’s European affiliate for broadcasting an episode of the cartoon in which "God is shown to be under the command of the Devil," according to the report.

The radio board released a report accusing CNBC-E and The Simpsons of "making fun of God, encouraging the young people to exercise violence by showing the murders as God's orders and encouraging them to start drinking alcohol on New Year's Eve night," Hürriyet reported.

"One of the characters is abusing another one's religious belief to make him commit murders. The Bible is publicly burned in one scene and God and the Devil are shown in human bodies," according to the RTUK report.