Former NAACP Official Charged With Welfare Fraud

The former leader of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter in Spokane, Washington, was charged on Tuesday for theft by welfare fraud and false identity verification in applying for public assistance. 

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo is an extremely competent piece of filmmaking: it is definitely a movie that tells a story and has characters, some of whom you have met before, all of whom have specific goals and hopes and dreams. The performances range from good to quite good. The special effects are unmemorable but well executed. I remember action sequences being a part of the film, but couldn’t really pinpoint a standout moment or signature in from any of them.

New Starbucks Code of Conduct

Instead of Starbucks simply saying that they’ll try not to arrest any more random black dudes who are standing around their stores for a couple of minutes, the higher-ups have lost their damn minds, sending their employees to reeducation camp and announcing that anyone can linger in a Starbucks for as long as they want, …

Israelis Respond to Biased Coverage of Gaza Riots

Protesters waving Palestinian flags stamp on burning prints of US flags and President Donald Trump in Gaza

A couple of weeks before the Gaza riots began, the pro-Israel media watchdog CAMERA put up across from the New York Times building a massive billboard: “The New York Times At it AGAIN: Defaming Israel with distorted ‘news.’” Although its strategic location made it impossible to miss, Israelis nearly universally agree that the Old Gray Lady didn’t get the message—and that the Times is but one of a slew of global media outlets copying from the same script, according to which IDF soldiers randomly kill peaceful protesters.

Is There No Neutral Public Square?

Criticizing the underpinnings of liberal democratic government is in vogue again. Populism is shaking some people’s faith in the wisdom of voters, and others, such as Patrick Deneen, argue outright that liberalism has failed. Some consider Evangelical Christians the big winners of 2016, but the ongoing debate about supporting President Donald Trump betrays their unease about the American system. From a reformed Protestant prospective, pastor and author Jonathan Leeman brings his own criticism to bear on the liberal order and ultimately concludes there’s something there worth conserving.