The Promise and Peril of VOD


Video on demand (VOD) is the latest incarnation of the direct-to-video industry that followed the widespread adoption of VHS and VCRs. Like direct-to-video movies, these are often marginal releases highlighting so-so-to-quite-bad work. Every once in a while, however, you might find something that moves you.

When the Communists Came to Cleveland


CLEVELAND, Ohio—I was loitering in this city’s attractively redecorated Public Square at about half past three, trying to take a decent picture of some sort of social justice quilt without being knocked over by two middle aged women holding a banner that demanded an end to chem trails, when shit went down. A loud bang caught the attention of the scores of journalists gathered in the southeastern corner of the square, and within a few seconds, there was a media stampede—50 photographers and Fox correspondents and helmeted members of the foreign press running in the direction of the convention center, bravely toward the sound of the guns, like the Big Red One landing on Omaha Beach, or Marines reinforcing Khe Sanh, only better dressed.