Wawa is Coming to D.C. and That’s a Glorious Thing

Washington, D.C., is about to become a better place. That’s because Wawa is finally coming to town.

At a Newseum event I attended last week, Wawa announced its first location in the city will be at 1111 19th Street Northwest, and is scheduled to open in December. It sounds like it is going to be amazing. It will be the largest Wawa in history, and is set to feature the indoor and outdoor seating that many of us have long wanted in our Wawas. There is even going to be a “Wild Goose CafĂ©.”

Johnny Depp Is a Damn Fool

Johnny Depp

We’ve already noted here at the ole Washington Free Beacon that Johnny Depp suggested it’s time for an actor to assassinate President Trump, and I’m loathe to dwell on “actor says dumb thing about politics” stories because actors, in the main,* are dumb and prone to saying dumb shit.