Rush Limbaugh: Friend of the Working Man, Champion of the People

Rush Limbaugh: Friend of the Working Man / AP

The Dallas Morning News has a story about an incredibly terrible woman (and obvious devotee of the politicized life) by the name of Merritt Tierce who is so super duper serial that when Rush Limbaugh left her an enormous tip she got … angry about it. Indeed, she was so angry about the “blood money” that she donated it …

#GamerGate, Film Criticism, Sports Reporting, and the Silent Majority

Words hurt much more than light pistols (image via Flickr user Jim Sheaffer)

There is a raging storm in the gaming community known as “#GamerGate.” If you spend any time on Twitter, especially the politically inclined portion of it, you have likely seen the hashtag pop up once or twice. I lack the authority to explain fully all the ins and outs and what have yous* of this debate, in part because I have more or less stopped playing video games.** But it is worth briefly noting that the complaints we’re seeing about the video gaming press—its focus on politically correct notions of gender norms and its heavy coverage of lightly played, relatively unpopular “indie” games—are complaints that we can see echoes of in other segments of the “entertainment” media.

Basically, GamerGaters believe the videogaming press is hopelessly biased and deeply incestuous. Writers at important outlets prop up indie developers with whom they are friendly (and sometimes amorously involved) while using their platform to expound a worldview that is, at best, tangentially related to the actual practice of gaming. Endless essays on gender representations or the fact that women are treated poorly by (some) gamers are drowning out, you know, coverage of games people actually play.

Similar complaints have been leveled against the sports media in recent weeks. Our own Larry O’Connor asked if readers could “remember when ESPN was about sports”:

Politico’s Epic Fail in Their Lois Lerner Interview

Lois Lerner / AP

Unrepentant political hack Lois Lerner finally broke her 16-month silence by granting Politico an exclusive interview Monday. She was flanked by not one, but two lawyers running interference for any challenging questions from reporter Rachael Bade.

Despite Ms. Bade’s attempt to paint Lerner as some sort of victim who has become the bête noire of rabid, right-wing tea party nut-bags, Lerner still comes across as tone deaf, paranoid and totally unsympathetic.

TV Anchor Who Quit Her Job on Air is No Hero

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.25.56 AM

It was happy hour in your nation’s capital when a news report came on the TV about a news anchor in Alaska who quit her job on the air during a live broadcast. When the story popped onto the flat screen monitors hovering above the bottles of bourbon and vodka the bustling crowd hushed a bit. At the dramatic moment when Charlo Greene said “F*** it, I quit” and stormed off the screen, the joint erupted in cheers and laughter.

If you haven’t seen the viral video on your Facebook, these are the basics: Ms. Greene was reporting on the movement to legalize pot in Alaska with a story focusing on a cannabis store that had opened in Anchorage. She then made the report very personal.