Think Piece Suggestions for ‘It Follows’

This piece will almost certainly annoy all of my friends AND all of my enemies.

I reviewed It Follows this week. It’s quite good! (The movie, I mean. Not my review, which is, at best, passable.) You should check it out. One of the things I really liked about the flick is how basic the horror at the center of the plot is: If you have sex with someone being followed by It—a phantasm of sorts that can take the form of anyone and cannot be stopped—It will now follow you and, if It catches you before you have sex with someone else to pass along the curse, It will kill you.

This sort of action is so bare bones that it can be interpreted virtually anyway you like.* As I joked with a friend, it’s the film that will launch a thousand dissertations.

But before the dissertations will come the think pieces. Allow me to suggest a few think pieces that would be perfect for It Follows, as well as the outlets to which you should pitch them.

Review: ‘It Follows’

It Follows

It Follows is the best throwback to ’80s slasher flicks since the Me Decade ended. Eschewing the self-aware humor of Scream and Cabin in the Woods and skipping the camp qualities that marred so many of the reboots and re-imaginings and homages of recent years, It Follows embraces the horrifying nature of unstoppable, implacable evil.

Important Data Journalism: Action Franchises, Ranked

Something has gone horribly wrong in this post

Jonathan V. Last—one of my favorite people and the editor of the truly fantastic essay collection, The Seven Deadly Virtuessuggested the other day that the Mission: Impossible franchise is, pound for pound, the best franchise ever. EVER. He doubled down on that assertion the next day, suggesting that the breadth of styles within the MI film series, combined with the fact that it had no Crystal Skull-style embarrassments, should lead us to rank it highly.

This did not seem accurate to me. So I decided to engage in some data journalism! What does The Science tell us about which franchise is best?

A few thoughts, first:

Courageous Students Win Right to Love America and Dance


Students at Lexington High School in Massachusetts will be able to hold an “American Pride” dance despite initial objections from school administrators over what they viewed as an exclusionary theme. “We’re supporting that student decision,” Lexington High School Principal Laura Lasa told Fox News. “We’re going forward with supporting their theme of American Pride.”