The Media Bubble, Redskins Edition

The spear makes it less offensive, right?

Matthew McConaughey, American Icon, believes that the Redskins should not change their name or logo. Writing at Uproxx Sports, Andy Isaac argued, “McConaughey will likely get killed for this, as his opinion is far from mainstream.” This is, quite simply, wrong. In September, the Washington Post reported on a poll showing that 71 percent of respondents believe the name should not be changed. Earlier this week, the Post reported on another poll that showd 83 percent of respondents believed the Redskins “should not” change their name. In other words, Matthew McConaughey is firmly in the mainstream.

So, as I said, Isaac was wrong. He quickly realized his mistake and corrected his post; I’m not interested in rubbing his nose in it. It is worth briefly highlighting, though, because he was wrong in an interesting way. I am not surprised that Isaac believed that McConaughey is out of step with the mainstream. That’s because within Isaac’s area of interest—the universe of sports writers and writing—McConaughey undoubtedly is out of the mainstream. He is out of step with the nation’s major columnists and websites. He wouldn’t fit in with the Deadspin bros. At some point in the last 18 months or so, a critical mass of sports journalists have decided that it’s totes terrible to use a name that’s been used for decades without a peep. And the rest of the sports journalists have been made to realize that they need to keep their mouths shut if they disagree.

As Bryan Curtis noted at Grantland, this is the golden age of the liberal sports writer:

The Jaguars Pool Deck Has Changed My Life Forever


The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the National Football League. But, unlike the miserable Oakland Raiders, the Jags have found a unique way to boost stadium attendance: A swimming pool. With girls.

Buy This Book! ‘The Seven Deadly Virtues’

Seven Deadly Virtues

Andrew Stiles and I, your loyal Editor’s Bloggers, have contributed chapters to the forthcoming book The Seven Deadly Virtues. Amazon suggests you should be able to purchase it now (in both hardcover and Kindle formats!) so get on that. Imagine an irreverent version of Bill Bennett’s The Book of Virtues: serious topics handled with a bit of fun.

You shouldn’t buy it because Stiles and I contributed; we’re a couple of pikers.

#GamerGate Makes the Left Uncomfortable Because Gamer Gaters Have Adopted the Left’s Tactics

Via Flickr user joo0ey

Since last we checked in on #GamerGate, there have been a couple of rather silly arguments leveled against the grassroots hashtagtivist campaign.

Let’s deal with the dumber of these first. This argument goes something like: “#GamerGate has been totally discredited because some small number of people have threatened violence against some other small number of people while using the hashtag in their attacks.” This has led luminaries such as Joss Whedon to explicitly compare GamerGaters to the Ku Klux Klan:

Lincoln’s Fathers

Abraham Lincoln

One afternoon on their way to court, Abraham Lincoln made a startling confession to his law partner and future biographer William Herndon. As they made their way along a rutted, bumpy Illinois road, Lincoln said that his mother, Nancy Hanks, was illegitimate. Her father was a “well-bred Virginia farmer or planter…”