‘Did Kate Upton Wear It Better?’: Kendall Jenner Edition


You know the answer/Inquisitr

From what I can ascertain from my ten second search on their website before getting distracted by the photos, Love Magazine is apparently a fairly new fashion periodical in the U.K. that deals in avant-garde fashion. Hookay.

They did snag some clicks from my browser by slapping Kendall Jenner onto their latest cover.

Daily Peel


Obama’s motorcade prevented a pregnant woman from crossing the street to a hospital Wednesday night. LOL –> Why would anyone want to pay $5,000 to learn from former Obama campaign staffers? Ben Carson sold more books than Hillary Clinton last week. TMZ caught up with Gary Busey and it’s amazing. Marshawn ‘Beastmode’ Lynch is planning …

Score Your Kate Upton Swag On The Internet



Kate Upton puts money in everyone’s pockets. She’s makes money for herself, she sells magazines, clothes, and she helps pay my rent. Many thanks to Sports Illustrated yesterday for flagging how she’s making money for lone Internet entrepreneurs.

People are slapping Kate’s visage on t-shirts and selling them on Ebay and Etsy. The market gives what the market demands. How perfectly American.

Anti-Israel Protesters Are Hilarious, Except for Their Deadly Beliefs


Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.51.30 PM

Here’s a pro-tip for all you budding citizen journalists with a microphone and a handicam: Whenever a man on the street package includes a man holding a microphone up to a guy dressed up in a “Holy Bible” costume and he says “Hey Bible guy, can we talk to you for a second?” you know you’ve got gold.

And that’s what Dan Joseph of MRCTV has with his latest video encounters with anti-Israeli protesters in Washington, D.C.

Andrew Breitbart was the brilliant man who discovered that walking into a line of left-wing protesters with a camera and asking them simple questions about the cause they are chanting about will reveal more about the left than any white paper from a Beltway think-tank. And Joseph’s foray into the Pro-Palestinian march Wednesday does just that.