The Legacy of Léon Blum

Léon Blum / Wikimedia Commons

On December 27, 1894, thousands of spectators braved the winter chill and massed outside the main courtyard of the Ecole Militaire in Paris. They gathered to witness the humiliation of Alfred Dreyfus, an army officer just convicted of passing secret documents to Germany. Through a fence, they saw Dreyfus standing in full dress uniform before a line of soldiers. They watched a Republican Guardsman strip the epaulets and buttons from Dreyfus’ tunic, and break his sword in two.

Title IX Is a Dumpster Fire That Should Be Done Away With

The site of Laura Kipnis' inquisition

Laura Kipnis—a liberal feminist professor—recently wrote an essay in which she suggested that students should be allowed to sleep with professors. As a result of writing that essay, she was accused of violating Title IX of the Education Act, a section of the law previously best known for killing college wrestling programs in the name …

A Surge for Justice

Los Angeles / Wikimedia Commons

In the District of Columbia, what Jill Leovy calls the Monster is, speaking in geographic terms, on the retreat, moving steadily east across the Anacostia River, pushed away from the city center a little farther each year by an influx of wealth. The same basic pattern applies in New York City—outward from the center, pushed back by money and gentrification—though 2015 has born witness to an increase in its rate of incidence in Manhattan. In Baltimore, recent years haven’t seen much of a geographic shift, though recent weeks have seen the Monster spike.

Chinese Censorship: A Small Price to Pay for Filthy Lucre!

Daniel Craig in 'Skyfall,' a movie censored by the Chinese

There’s an interesting report at NPR on the ways in which China’s censorship regime exerts influence on American filmmaking. As someone who has long grated at the way domestic filmmakers scream “censorship!” when they get a rating from the MPAA they don’t like but say virtually nothing about actual censorship in overseas markets. What was intriguing to me was the sort of thing that earned the wrath of China: