Atomic Blonde, Death Wish, Death of a Chinese Restaurant (New Substandard)

In the latest episode of the Substandard, we discuss Atomic Blonde, the controversy over the remake of Death Wish, and the decline of 3D. Sonny just finished reading Frank Herbert's Dune. Of course I only saw the movie, which came out in 1984. That same year I also saw Ice Pirates, starring the late Robert Urich. And frankly I preferred Ice Pirates. I also mention my recent trip to Wolf Trap, where my family watched Jurassic Park with a live score provided by the National Symphony Orchestra. What I discovered: a whole world of cosplay and most every guy dressed up like Dr. Alan Grant (but many of them resembled Dennis Nedry). Another big development on the show—JVL drinks bourbon! Also, "Gene Shalit" returns.

On a sad note, we also discuss the closing of China Garden, located in the lobby of our building (the space has been annexed by WJLA). The restaurant was an institution and previously mentioned on this site. If you never dined at China Garden, you really missed out. Here are some rave reviews via Google:

"Pretty mediocre"

"Service is terrible, starting with the very unfriendly hostess and continuing with inattentive wait staff."

"The ABSOLUTE WORST shrimp and lobster sauce I have ever had!!!"

And yet there's an emptiness I now feel for the place—an emptiness that only MSG can fill. So farewell to China Garden. Arlington Dim Sum just got a lot dimmer.