Campaign Finance Reformers Admit Crushing Defeat in New Hampshire

Larry Lessig

A leading campaign finance reformer admitted defeat on Wednesday after spending more than $1.6 million on a Senate candidate who garnered less than a quarter of the primary vote.

Jim Rubens, a Republican Senate candidate in New Hampshire, received just 23 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary, losing to former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who will challenge Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D.) in November.

HuffPo Bungles Democracy Alliance Facts


A Tuesday Huffington Post piece on conservative donors’ attitudes toward a network of political financiers on the other side of the aisle downplayed the scale of the latter despite publicly available documents contradicting their report.

Victims’ Family Hammers Begich for Politicizing Gruesome Murder Case

Mark Begich

An elderly Alaskan couple was murdered last year. Their two-year-old granddaughter was raped. And the victims’ family on Friday said Sen. Mark Begich (D., Alaska) is exploiting the grisly incident for political gain, potentially compromising legal action against the killer.

Correa-Tied Anti-Piracy Firm Targets Reporters Investigating Ambassador

Ecuador's President Rafael Correa

An anti-Internet piracy firm with ties to the government of Ecuador, and its president Rafael Correa, on Friday filed a copyright complaint against a news organization that days earlier exposed potential corruption by the South American nation’s ambassador to the United States.