Montana Dems Replace Plagiarist With Socialist in Senate Race

Senate candidate tied to labor group seeking to ‘do away with capitalism’

Montana Democrats are banking on a long-shot liberal Senate candidate to replace the disgraced John Walsh, but their choice might be too radical even for the increasingly extreme party.

Obama Golfing Buddy Personifies Ex-Im Bank’s Problems

Robert Wolf bundled over a million dollars for Obama, got a WH appointment, and is cashing in on his connections
Robert Wolf and President Obama golf on Martha's Vineyard / AP

As economists and policy wonks debate the merits of U.S. export financing, critics of one controversial program are warning of more subtle consequences exemplified, they say, by one of the president’s golfing buddies.

Sean Eldridge on Defense in New Ads

Facebook founder’s Dem husband pushes back against carpet-bagging, election-buying allegations
Sean Eldridge for Congress

A wealthy New York congressional candidate is playing defense in his first television advertisements of the 2014 cycle, attempting to ward off allegations of carpet-bagging and election-buying.

Nancy Pelosi, Tom Steyer’s Hedge Fund, and a Billion Taxpayer Dollars

Top House Dem exempted light rail project benefitting mega-donor from cost-effectiveness regulations, then secured federal subsidies
Tom Steyer and his wife Kat Taylor with Paul and Nancy Pelosi at the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary celebration / Drew Altizer Photography

 A top House Democrat to whom billionaire liberal Tom Steyer has donated campaign funds steered more than a billion dollars to an infrastructure project that benefitted his hedge fund.

Dems, Unions, Hollywood Stars Bankroll Network of Minnesota PACs

Helmed by former union officer appointed to Twin Cities council by governor he helped elect
Michael Douglas, Larry David, and Bette Midler / AP

The Democratic Party, labor unions, and Hollywood stars Bette Midler, Michael Douglas, and Larry David are pouring money into state and federal races in Minnesota by way of a network of political groups helmed by a Twin Cities legislator, public records show.

Mead Treadwell’s Ties to Stimulus Recipient Run Deep

Campaign insists he’s only tangentially involved, but Alaska Senate candidate admits he’s a ‘partner in business’
Mead Treadwell / AP

A Republican Senate candidate running on a platform of fiscal responsibility has maintained ties to a Maryland company that benefitted from millions in grants from a major 2009 spending bill derided by Republicans—including the candidate himself—as profligate.

Former Employees Allege Widespread Illegality at Taxpayer-Backed Solar Company

Spanish firm under federal investigation routinely violated U.S. immigration, workplace safety laws, former employees claim
Abengoa Chairman Felipe Benjumea walks with Spain's King Juan Carlos / AP

A solar company backed by billions in stimulus funds routinely violated U.S. immigration law, workplace safety codes, and environmental regulations, replaced American workers with foreigners, and may be on the verge of bankruptcy, former employees tell the Washington Free Beacon.

The ‘Billionaire’s Club’ Behind the Green Movement

Report: Groups involved in backing green candidates and legislation may have violated tax laws, Senate Republicans claim
Tom Steyer / AP

A sprawling network of left-wing foundations, non-profit groups, and individual donors and activists may be flouting federal law in advocating an anti-fossil-fuel agenda, according to a major Senate report released on Wednesday.