Union-Backed Lobbying Group Attacking Education Reformer

Campbell Brown

A new attack campaign against former CNN anchor and school reform advocate Campbell Brown is being led by a team of union-funded lobbying groups.

The Alliance for Quality Education received $62,100 from the Teachers AFL-CIO Local Union and $5,000 from the Service Employees Local Union in 2013, according to Department of Labor filings. Over the past several years, New York Communities for Change has received over $1.4 million from unions, including $288,992 from teachers unions in 2013, Department of Labor records show.

Ads Hit Michelle Nunn Campaign for Calling Jews “Financial Opportunity”

Ending Spending Action Fund ad targeting Michelle Nunn

A conservative anti-spending super PAC is working to cut into Georgia Democratic senate candidate Michelle Nunn’s Jewish support, after a leaked memo from Nunn’s strategists referred to the Jewish community as a “financial opportunity” and suggested her position on Israel would be contingent on her fundraising strategy.

Advocates to Hold Fundraiser for Afghan Interpreters

A U.S. soldier with an Afghan interpreter speaking to a local man / AP

The United States will withdraw almost completely from Afghanistan at the end of the year, but for many of the Afghan interpreters that served alongside U.S. combat troops, their tour of duty is far from over.

Thousands of Afghan allies—who lived, worked, and dodged Taliban fire side by side with American soldiers, under the promise that they would be eligible for U.S. visas after their service—are facing increasing threats from enemy combatants as American troops withdraw, advocates say.