Alana Goodman

As Benghazi Attack Unfolded, White House Meeting Focused on Pastor Jones, YouTube Video

Panetta, Dempsey tasked at meeting with ‘reaching out to Pastor Jones directly’

BenghaziHillary Clinton and other senior Obama administration officials held an emergency meeting in the early hours of the Benghazi terrorist attack, and much of the discussion focused on a Florida pastor who criticized the Koran and an anti-Islam YouTube video, according to a report released by the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Tuesday.

House Benghazi Report Details Military, Intelligence Failures

Report says U.S. did not attempt to deploy assets, troops during Benghazi attack

BenghaziThe U.S. military never attempted to deploy any assets or troops to Benghazi during the 13-hour attack on the American consulate in 2012, according to a supplemental report released by the House Select Committee on Benghazi on Tuesday morning.

No New Visas for Afghan Allies Allocated in Senate Defense Bill

Effort stalls despite widespread support for program

Afghan interpreterThe defense authorization bill passed by the U.S. Senate this week failed to preserve a visa program for Afghans who worked in support of U.S. military operations, but advocates say they will continue to fight to save it in an upcoming appropriations bill.