A Bird in the Hand

A few years ago, I was reading a book in which the author related a story about a friend of his, a dog owner, who had told him she was glad dogs could have neither thoughts nor feelings as she understood them. Such incomprehensible dogs could not comprehend her. They had no demands to place on her and could not judge her failures, so she could relax around them, something she could not do around people. What mattered was not what the dogs were, but what she needed them to be.

Gods and Man at the Fall of Rome

Roman Ruins with a Prophet by Giovanni Paolo Panini

In 394, a river in Slovenia bore witness to a clash of civilizations. On one side stood a rebel army bearing statutes of Jupiter and Hercules. On the other stood the forces of Emperor Theodosius, bearing the standard of Christ. Battle commenced. Theodosius smashed the would-be usurpers, aided by a miraculous wind that conveniently threw the missiles of his enemies back at them. Idols and idolaters destroyed, the pagan threat was no more. From that point forward, Empire and Church would be indissoluble, then and forever God’s kingdom on earth.

USDA Promotes Terrifying Body Exhibit to Fight Childhood Obesity

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is promoting a giant full-body exhibit for kids to walk through to promote healthy eating habits.

While encouraging schools to apply for nearly $6 million in grants to help them comply with the First Lady Michelle Obama-promoted Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act new lunch standards, the USDA highlighted efforts by the Kansas State Department of Education.

DOJ Asked to Prosecute Hamas for Violating U.S. Law

An Israel-based law center is petitioning the Department of Justice to pursue charges against top Hamas leaders for committing acts of terror against U.S. citizens and commercial airliners at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport during last summer’s war with the Jewish state, according to a copy of the complaint obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.