Sunday Show Round Up

Secretary of State John Kerry took to the airwaves to defend the Iran-P5+1 diplomatic deal that was reached in Geneva early Sunday morning.

“This negotiation is not the art of fantasy or the art of the ideal, it’s the art of the possible, which is verifiable and clear in its capacity to be able to make Israel and the region safer,” Kerry said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Mass Rallies in Ukraine Against Government U-Turn on EU

Protesters attend a rally to support EU integration in central Kiev

KIEV (Reuters) – Tens of thousands of Ukrainians marched to President Viktor Yanukovich’s office on Sunday, denouncing a U-turn away from Europe and towards Russia in the biggest street demonstrations since the Orange Revolution nine years ago.

The History of Liberty

In 1559, a political dissident in Europe saw a fundamental problem with the reign of kings. The words are so republican-sounding that an Englishman must have written them, if we are to take to heart Daniel Hannan’s argument in Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World.

The problem: An Englishman didn’t write them.

Judge Allows Federal Oversight of Louisiana Voucher Program

A federal judge ruled against Louisiana in a case against the state’s scholarship program on Friday, requiring federal oversight for the program that allows children to escape failing schools.

The ruling may lead to a lengthy review process preferred by the Justice Department (DOJ), which Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) says could regulate the program to death.