Occupy Protester Trashes U.S. President on Iranian Press TV

February 10, 2012

An Occupy protestor slammed President Obama for doing "absolutely nothing, zero, to help people who are under foreclosure."

"This is an outrage," Mark Mason said during an interview on Iranian Press TV. "We’re all aware that this is an election year the presidency is up for election here in November. We’ve had Barack Obama president now for three and half years and has done absolutely nothing, zero, to help people who are under foreclosure.

Mason also ripped the administration’s $25 billion settlement with the banks, describing it as "laughable."

"Suddenly he’s riding in to help home foreclosures," Mason said.  "I mean, it’s just laughable. But if we just look at the details of the proposal.  It’s really a bank bailout in disguise."

The Occupy Movement, Mason said, "is livid, if I can use that type of term, because it’s fraudulent. It’s definitely a fraudulent proposal. There’s no truth in it at all. It’s not going to help anyone in the foreclosures of their homes."

Mason also took umbrage with the mainstream media for uncritically reporting on the foreclosure deal.

"The word isn’t getting out," He said. "The corporate media has been basically just copying the press releases from the federal government, and handing them out as if it were news."