Gun Manufacturing Sees 140 Percent Increase Under Obama Administration

Unholstered Gun
Unholstered Gun / Wikimedia Commons
• July 23, 2015 3:03 pm


During a time when the Obama administration is trying to prevent some senior citizens from obtaining guns, firearm production in the United States has skyrocketed to an unprecedented level.

A report released Wednesday by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) indicates that gun manufacturing in the United States has seen a 140 percent spike during the Obama administration. 

According to the 2015 Firearms Commerce in the United States Annual Statistical Update, the number of guns produced in the U.S. has increased from about 4.5 million in 2008 to over 10.8 million in 2013, meaning that the number of firearms manufactured annually has more than doubled since Obama took office.

In contrast, gun production increased by only about 20 percent during the George W. Bush administration and decreased by 10 percent during the Clinton administration.

The bulk of firearms produced in the country are pistols, with 4.4 million being produced in 2013, about a third more than the previous year. The number of rifles manufactured also climbed by about 25 percent to 3.9 million between 2012 to 2013.

Such rapid increase in firearm production has occurred under an administration that has become increasingly hungry to enact gun control measures.

Most recently, the Obama administration has been pushing to bar certain individuals receiving Social Security benefits from owning firearms if they are deemed no longer able to handle their affairs, an attempt that the nation’s leading gun rights groups are intent in blocking.

Joe Neville, the director of political affairs for the National Association for Gun Rights, told The Hill that the significant increase in gun production is a result of the "constant attack on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms" by the Obama administration. 

"President Obama has made it very clear he wants to strip away our gun rights, so people are going out and purchasing more firearms and ammunition," Neville said.