Veep Actress Who Received a Note From Hillary Later Learned Clinton Had No Idea Who She Was

Veep actress Julia-Louis Dreyfus appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Friday and described receiving a letter of admiration from Hillary Clinton, only to later learn Clinton had no idea who she was.

Dreyfus received a "fan" note from the former Secretary of State in early 2013. Two years later, a batch of Hillary Clinton's emails surfaced in relation to a FBI investigation over whether Clinton had used her private email server in classified official communications.

Dreyfus was mentioned in Clinton's email to an aide:

"A friend of mine needs me to write something for Julie [sic] Dreyfus. Any idea what to say? She's on some show…"

Dreyfus was not offended by the revelation. According to the Hollywood Reporter, she keeps both notes framed side-by-side in her office.