Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett for President

Only she can save the Democratic Party from despair

Hillary Clinton's campaign is in such bad shape that some Democrats are actually gagging for Joe Biden to enter the race. But maybe Biden isn't the savior the Democratic Party needs right now. Maybe there's a better option, a consensus candidate that Democrats could unite behind. That candidate is Valerie Jarrett, senior White House aide and de facto President of the United States. The Cheney to Obama's Bush.

What I Saw in Iran

A Free Beacon journey to the birthplace of Valerie Jarrett

The worst part about taking a two-week vacation to Iran happens before you ever set foot in the country. “Oh really, where are you going?” people inevitably ask over the course of a normal conversation. And then you tell them.

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women

Column: A peek into the secret world of the liberal elite

The critic James Wolcott is peeved. “Mitt Romney’s fateful decision this January not to pursue the presidency for a third futile time deprives those of us in the bleachers of a rare-ish opportunity to watch a representative of the 1 percent in plastic action,” he writes in Vanity Fair’s April “special issue” on “the age of money.” There are few chances, Wolcott avers, to observe in public a member of the financial and social caste that rules America. “It is not often we get to study how a scion moves, behaves, and simulates reflective thought under changeable conditions.”

Quiz: Valerie Jarrett or Frank Underwood?

Can you guess who did what?

Reading through the details of Valerie Jarrett's reign it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish her reported actions from those of House of Cards' Frank Underwood. Here, go ahead and try...

Yes, the Obama Administration Still Tortures

Barack Obama may have just announced a troop surge in Iraq following a devastating loss in the midterms, but he is nothing like George W. Bush. That’s why his administration has made clear that the United States does not torture its enemies. But what about its friends? Consider this passage from an illuminating (and frightening) profile of senior Obama adviser Valeria Jarrett in the New Republic: