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GOP Wants to Know Why UPenn Saw Surge in Foreign Donations After it Opened Biden Think Tank

Foreign funding to UPenn tripled in the two years after the school teamed up with Biden

January 25, 2023

Since Biden Inauguration, Anonymous Chinese Donors Poured Millions Into University That Houses His Think Tank

News of funding comes as Biden under fire for classified docs found at think tank

January 18, 2023

Watchdog Calls on Biden Center to Disclose Foreign Donations as DOJ Investigates Classified Docs

Classified docs revive concerns of national security risks at UPenn Biden Center

January 11, 2023

Justice Department Probes Classified Documents Found in Biden’s Personal Office

Penn Biden Center held classified intelligence memos on Ukraine and Iran

January 10, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Woke Seattle Doc Kalodimos Eats His Words, Cops to Falsely Maligning Prominent Ivy League Professor

Harrison Kalodimos apologizes to Dr. Stanley Goldfarb for B.S. tweets besmirching top doc’s reputation

UPenn Women's Swimmers Protest Transgender Teammate

Swimmers say Lia Thomas has 'unfair advantage' over biological females

February 4, 2022

Ivy League Colleges Partner With Chinese Health Institutions Tied to Military

Harvard, Yale, and UPenn med schools collaborate with CCP-linked universities

March 10, 2021