2020 Dems Rally Around Union Amid Corruption Probe

Candidates have received more than $100,000 from United Auto Workers

Top Democratic presidential candidates took more than $100,000 from United Auto Workers and rushed to show solidarity with striking GM employees despite an ongoing federal probe into allegations of corruption at the UAW.

Advocate For VW Union Known For Smear Tactics

Political operative previously forced to apologize for 'over-the-top' mudslinging campaign

The man behind a pro-union attack campaign on Volkswagen is a "hardball player," according to the attorney who settled a libel suit against him for a previous smear campaign.

UAW Scandal Hits Chattanooga

Labor watchdog uses official's guilty plea to campaign against unionization

UAWA labor watchdog is making the United Auto Workers' bribery scandal the centerpiece of its campaign urging workers to reject unionization.

Petition Demands Purge of Corrupt UAW Official

VP's name still remains on several union icons

A group of frustrated former UAW members say that the union has not done enough to punish a former vice president who pled guilty in connection to a bribery scandal. Genesee County Clerk-Register John Gleason is spearheading a campaign to remove Norwood Jewell's name from the property of United Auto Workers' halls both at the local and national level.

Corrupt UAW Official Was DNC Superdelegate

Union VP pleaded guilty in federal corruption probe

A disgraced union official may have to submit his ballot to the 2020 Democratic National Convention from prison. Former United Auto Workers vice president Norwood Jewell became the highest ranking labor official to plead guilty to violating federal labor law. Jewell admitted to receiving luxury goods and lavish golf trips from the Chrysler executives he was supposed to be negotiating against. He is now staring at a possible five-year prison sentence, though the Detroit News has reported that prosecutors are seeking only 15 months of jail time.