Iran’s Mullahs Demand Justice for Trayvon

Iran’s foreign ministry on Friday criticized the acquittal of George Zimmerman and chastised the United States for widespread “racial discrimination.”

“The acquittal of the murderer of the teenage African American once again clearly demonstrated the unwritten, but systematic racial discrimination against racial, religious, and ethnic minorities in the US society,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyed Abbas Araqchi was quoted as saying by Iran’s state run Fars News Agency.


The congresswoman who has stood next to Trayvon Martin’s parents at rallies and emerged as one of the most vocal critics of the Sanford Police Department supported the “Stand Your Ground” law at the center of the case. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D, Fla.) voted for the self-defense law when she was a state senator in 2005, five years before she was elected to represent Miami—and Martin’s family—in Congress.