Lawmakers Call On Unions to Stop Collecting Dues From Laid-Off Workers

GOP leaders send letters slamming top unions after Free Beacon report

Lawmakers urged union leaders to stop collecting dues from workers left unemployed by the coronavirus after the Washington Free Beacon revealed that a California union threatened to cut off health insurance to laid workers if they stopped membership payments.

Illinois Dem Indicted on 40 Embezzlement Charges

Accused of embezzling almost $275,000

Illinois state Senator Tom Cullerton (D.) has been indicted for fraudulently accepting benefits from a labor union, prosecutors said Friday morning. Cullerton is facing one charge of "conspiracy to embezzle from a labor union and employee benefit plans," one count of "making false statements in a health care matter," and 39 counts of "embezzlement from a labor union," according to an NBC Chicago affiliate.

Teamsters Scold Pa. Members for Voting Trump

State council warns members not to vote the 'wrong way' in midterms

The Pennsylvania Teamsters scolded its members for helping President Donald Trump capture the White House in 2016 and warned of dire consequences if they break from the union slate in 2018.

After Three Decades Couple Prevails over Union  

History's longest labor case ends after Teamsters pay couple more than $3,000

When David and Shirley Pirlott filed a federal labor complaint against Teamsters Local 75 on Nov. 8, 1989, the day before the Berlin Wall fell, they did not imagine they would have to wait 30 years to resolve the dispute.

Playboy Teamsters Official Receives 2-Year Ban

Independent judge found key Hoffa ally guilty of accepting favors from companies

Rome Aloise,A top Teamsters executive and key ally of union President James Hoffa Jr. was suspended for two years for accepting gifts, including tickets to a Playboy Super Bowl Party, from employers and other corruption charges.

Teamsters Turn on TPP Dem

Ami BeraLocal California unions are flocking to Republican Scott Jones’ congressional campaign as retribution against Democratic Rep. Ami Bera’s support for the Trans Pacific Partnership.