Report: DOE Failed to Catch Solyndra’s Misrepresentations

Inspector general releases findings of years-long investigation into bankrupt solar company

A years-long investigation into the Department of Energy’s support for the bankrupt solar company Solyndra faults DOE officials, contractors, and the company itself for the department’s eventual loss of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars steered to the firm.

Overseeing Failure

Fisker Automotive, Energy Department officials face congressional questions over electric car manufacturer’s failure

The chief executives of embattled electric car manufacturer Fisker Automotive and an official from the Department of Energy loan program will face questions from Congress on Wednesday after the government-backed company’s failure.

The Solar Panel Domino Effect

Bankruptcy of mirror manufacturer may disrupt government solar projects

A mirror manufacturer for solar energy projects that has received financial help from the federal government has gone bankrupt, a development that could affect current solar projects that have also received help from the federal government.

Betting on Green

Obama doubles down on failed green energy projects

President Barack Obama appears to be doubling down on his policies of using taxpayer money to finance green energy investments despite an increasingly spotty track record.

Politico: Top 10 Obama Claims

Politico has compiled a list, with commentary, of 10 statements made by President Barack Obama or his 2008 campaign that highlight the contrast between Obama’s expectations coming into office and his accomplishments while occupying the White House.