House GOP Budget Leaves Spending Caps in Place

Lawmakers attempt to thread needle by boosting other defense accounts

House Republicans said on Tuesday that they are attempting to keep deficit spending low while boosting a shrinking defense budget as they unveiled their budget proposal for 2016.

Vitter: Congressional Vote on Iran Nuke Deal ‘Setting Us Up to Fail’

Louisiana senator on potential Iran agreement, AUMF, and defense budget

Sen. David Vitter (R., La.) said on Thursday that while he believes the Obama administration could be preparing to sign a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran, a legislative proposal that would demand congressional oversight of that agreement is misguided.

U.S. Military No Longer Able to Fight Two Wars at Same Time

Report finds that shrinking armed forces are less able to respond to global threats

The United States military does not currently have the ability to fight two major wars simultaneously, according to a new report, a significant reduction from the capacity enjoyed by defense officials for decades.

Rubio: Don’t Rule Out Ground Presence to Fight ISIL

Senator blasts defense cuts as danger to America

Marco RubioSen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) lambasted President Barack Obama during a national security speech in Washington, D.C., for drastic military cuts the president has made. Rubio also criticized the president's Iraq and Syria policy, saying the United States should not rule out ground forces in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS).

Did the President Take a Pay Cut Like He Promised? White House Won’t Say

Year after pledge, confusion over whether Obama is writing checks

The White House is refusing to confirm whether President Barack Obama followed up on his pledge to take a five percent pay cut due to sequestration last year. Obama promised last April to take a 5 percent pay cut in “solidarity” with federal employees who were furloughed as a result of the automatic budget cuts, known as the sequester. The cut was meant to equate to the level of spending cuts imposed on nondefense federal agencies.