DOD Spokeswoman Restates Need to End Sequestration

October 5, 2017

Department of Defense spokeswoman Dana White said Thursday that Congress needs to end sequestration and financial cuts on America's military.

White spoke to reporters at the Pentagon, giving the press an update on events within the Department. She mentioned the work being done by the military to help after multiple hurricanes hit the United States and the Caribbean.

"In addition to supporting state and local authorities during these recent natural disasters, the Department of Defense supports a variety of operations around the world, which is why the Department needs a sufficient and predictable budget," White said.

White said that the end of 2017 marked the ninth straight year that the Department had been operating under continuing resolutions as opposed to an actual budget. She also called on Congress to lift budget caps on the military.

White's comments repeated those made by Secretary of Defense James Mattis to a congressional committee in June.

"No enemy in the field has done more to harm the combat readiness of our military than sequestration," Matt said.

"The Department needs the FY 18 budget to strengthen our armed forces and improve lethality," White said. "Therefore we encourage the Congress to exercise the rightful stewardship of the taxpayers' dollars and pass a Fiscal Year 18 budget before the CR ends on December 8."