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The Anatomy of a Washington Post Smear Campaign

The paper claimed conservative judge Matthew Kacsmaryk violated legal ethics. Ethics experts say otherwise.

May 1, 2023

Dems Punt Confirmation Vote on Embattled Biden Judicial Nominee

Vote on Michael Delaney's nomination canceled as Dems struggle with sidelined senators

March 15, 2023

Senate Dems Schedule Hearing for Biden Judicial Nominee Under Fire From Sexual Assault Victim

Maggie Hassan and Jeanne Shaheen lead charge on nominee who attempted to strip underage sexual assault victim of anonymity

March 7, 2023

Washington Post: Ketanji Brown Jackson Has Been Treated 'Worse' Than Kavanaugh

Memories of grilling Kavanaugh have vanished like a boof in the wind

The Republican Plan To Draw Blood Over Biden's SCOTUS Nomination

GOP lawmakers press Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Democratic efforts to pack Supreme Court, block Republican judicial appointments

March 21, 2022