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Seattle Firefighters Now Drilled on Ibram Kendi Before Promotion to Top Jobs   

Lieutenants’ test includes “How To Be an Antiracist,” “Memoirs of a Transgender Firefighter,” and other woke tomes 

May 25, 2023

This Washington High School Is Instructing Teachers To Avoid Saying 'Biologically Male'

'"Biological boy" is a term anti-trans activists often use to disregard and discredit transgender girls,' says Seattle-area Lynnwood High School

September 20, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Woke Seattle Doc Kalodimos Eats His Words, Cops to Falsely Maligning Prominent Ivy League Professor

Harrison Kalodimos apologizes to Dr. Stanley Goldfarb for B.S. tweets besmirching top doc’s reputation

Seattle protests

Seattle Planned on Giving Police Station to Black Lives Matter

Rioters converged on East Precinct as mayor directed transfer of multimillion-dollar building

January 31, 2022